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The fact that more than one million tourists visit Costa Rica each year does not happen by chance. Costa Rica, located in Central America, is an isthmus where life seems to have created its roots. Covering only 0.03% of the surface of our planet, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity.
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The reason of being form Costa Rica al Natural, is the become the professional adviser of all those companies that have well defined it’s social and labor role and as a strategies sees a great opportunity in training, incentives programs, labor benefits and the implementation of recreational activities for their group of collaborator, they require of special meeting for it’s executives, vocational or leisure plans, social activities and even the attention of visitors and partners.We assured to our corporative clients no only a quality service but a customized service, special corporative and groups tariffs and a all country as destiny and we are serious saying it: mountain of forest Hotels, beaches hotels, adventure sport, training room, privates form to the parties, special food service if it is required, a days tours, fishing tours, cruises, transportation, Everything. Our company profile allows us a professional organization of activities such as events seminaries and executives meeting us.
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